Jumat, 18 September 2009

Download game { versi english }

I have a place Downlaod Game:

1. PSX

2. NDS




6.Saga Saturn

etc. ...

Website: http://www.romulation.net/

Register directly ...

on this website, to download more than 50 MB

He wore POINT ....

let me understand this more about this website:


Download in RomUlation pretty straight forward, but to make sure it goes like no pain you may need to know some things about how our system works. Not difficult, so just give it a read.


RomUlation using the point system to prevent abuse of download. We host a large number of files, and without a point Sytem in place, a small number of greedy users will be saturated and the connection creates a bad experience for others.

When you register at RomUlation, 500 points will be credited to your account to get you started. Files under 50MB size does not cost any points, they are free to download! However, files more than 50MB in size of the cost of 1 point per MB. For example, a 80MB file will cost 80 points. If you run out of points, there are various ways to earn more:

»Regular members receive 50 points credited to their account every 24 hours.
»Become a premium member! A premium membership costs $ 15.00USD, and lasted for two months. Premium Members receive 250 points credited to their account every 24 hours. See other benefits available to you as a premium member here.
»Upload Screenshots! Each screen that you uploaded and approved you get 15 points. See the screenshot for more information.
»Buying points! If you can not wait, you can purchase a block of 15,000 points for $ 5.00 USD.

Points removed from your account as soon as you start the download. The bottom line cost that file will then be set to zero for you for 24 hours, allowing you to redownload the files in the case of a broken during download or transfer. You can, however, always continued a file without the cost point.
> Rates

Download manegers:

RomUlation has full support for download manager if you are a premium member or not. We support continued from the stopping or damaged also downloaded as a point of no extra cost. However, we only allow 1 connection non-member premium.


We use. Zip files for compression instead. Zip files,. Zip files have been compressed to excel. Zip file so you'll save time download and we will save space and bandwidth. It's a win / win situation.

If you do not know how to extract the zip file then please read the following forum thread about rar files to extract.


RomUlation emulator does not host, we recommend using the Emulator-Zone.com emulator to download.
We do not provide support for imitation ROMS per se, though, we have a very active and friendly forum where you can get help. Go to the Technical Assistance and make a thread in there, although you might want to read How to ask for help yarns and threads common issues before you make a new topic, chances are your answer is in the Common Issues thread and if not then the How to ask for help thread will help us help you more quickly

Site Features

RomUlation has some features that other sites do not ROM, so not everyone is familiar with, so we have decided to make a brief introduction of each feature.

User Interaction

RomUlation is a company that believes in user interaction, you probably just knowledgeable in several areas such as our others, this diversity of knowledge shared among all users makes for a large array of information available to everyone. Therefore, we strongly encourage everyone to help on the site and in our forums.


RomUlation allows you, the users to upload a screenshot of the game, it would be possible for the admin team to provide a screenshot for all the ROM because a large amount of available ROM. Screenshot should be the actual size of the display units, which means that the GBA screenshots, for example, MUST be 240x160 pixels. Certain size of all the supported systems listed on page screenshots added.

For each of our screenshots approved credit your account with 15 points.

To add a screen shot just navigate to the game you want to add screenshots and click the Add button in screenshot screenshot below. (or not available images) Here you will be presented with a box where you can select an image from your hard drive.
Please note and follow the rules listed on the screenshot page Add to your screenshot will not be removed by the moderator. All images must be approved before appearing on the site.

Gaming Comments

Comments allow you to communicate your opinion about the game to other users, if you know a good trick or a critique of the game then this is where you can post a comment like that.

Keep in mind that NOT to support comments on how to make the game work on an emulator, this is where the confusion for the support and reduce the quality of the actual game discussion. Failure to do so will result in your comment being deleted and, if repeated excessively, in your account being disabled.


RomUlation has a very active and growing community where users talk about emulation, ROMs, and life in general. Our forum is a very good place to get information or discuss the latest news about the game or world events. All people are equal, regardless of age, sex, color or console preferences.